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  • Muhammad Affan

How to use Digital Signage to Enhance Your Exhibition Stand

Business exhibitions can be an excellent way of meeting new prospects, catching up with current customers and learning about trends in your marketplace. A well-executed exhibition strategy can result in a stream of qualified leads and exciting new opportunities. However, with competition between businesses across an extensive range of sectors at an all-time high, and technological developments moving faster than ever before, simply turning up then waiting for visitors to drop onto your stand is never an option. Without careful thought and preparation, the costs associated with the exhibition, stand, literature, giveaways and staff involvement can become a burden negatively impacting the bottom line.

Below, we look at just a few of the ways in which digital signage for exhibitions can help to set your business ahead of the competition, assisting you to achieve the eagerly anticipated return on investment from your chosen show.

Add an extra dynamic to draw in the crowds – Eye catching digital displays incorporating vibrant imagery and movement are sure to capture the eye of visitors, helping you to stand out among the plethora of static exhibition paraphernalia on display

Make your brand stand out – Use digital displays that show off your brand identity making the business instantly recognisable to customers and prospects. Digital displays can be ‘built-in’ to your exhibition stand design in bespoke and fully branded casing to reinforce your messaging

Make the most of your space – Exhibition space comes at a premium – the more you take, the more you are likely to pay. Using digital signage to alternate between content can enable you to show off more of your products and services within the confines of your allocated space

Add intrigue with a live leaderboard – A sure way to entice people onto your stand is via a game or competition. The possibilities for interesting game designs are vast, but once you have invested in that all important concept, using a live leaderboard will help to generate excitement and thereby even more interest!

Collect opt-in prospect data from visitors – Where games and competitions are used in conjunction with a live leaderboard to increase stand visits, it may also be possible to encourage interested visitors to consent to leaving their contact details and providing relevant permissions for further marketing activity. Digital displays can not only attract people to your game, but smaller screens can be used in conjunction enabling competition participants to input their details directly into a secure system.

Make updates in real time – Do you want to showcase events on your stand as they happen? Would you like to be able to make changes to your content or the information you provide based on early event feedback? All of this is possible via the software that powers digital signage for exhibition stands

Live feeds and social media walls – Integrating your presence at an event with the conversation that accompanies it on social media is a great way to promote your business. Nowadays interaction on social media is much more than pre-event promotion and posting a few photos afterwards; companies can utilise their social media channels to broadcast updates live from an event as it happens and engage with potential customers throughout the experience. Digital displays are a brilliant way to capture all activity on your social media feeds and broadcast it live on your exhibition stand, encouraging further interaction with your brand

Cimian Ltd assists exhibition stand designers and end users to generate excitement and interaction around bespoke exhibition stands using innovative digital signage and display solutions. Working closely with our clients, we are able to produce captivating content that is eye catching, on-brand and engaging including social media walls, competition displays, live leaderboards and other custom solutions. Depending on the scale of your event, we can provide set-up, remote or onsite management as your event progresses – we are experienced in working at large international fairs and exhibitions across the globe to much smaller local business exhibitions.

For your free initial consultation, please contact us today on 01223 581 272 or click here to send us your inquiry.


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