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  • Muhammad Affan

Gamification and Digital Signage go Hand in Hand to Create an Unbeatable Combination

Gamification is not just the latest gimmick. It’s a serious technique, growing exponentially among businesses to help them generate brand awareness and customer loyalty. In our latest blog, we explore how digital signage solutions combine with gamification to create some of the most powerful, influential messages around.

So, what is gamification?

Gamification is everywhere even if we don’t use the term on a daily basis. The Oxford Living Dictionary clearly defines the concept as: ‘the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.’1 The elements of game playing can include point scoring, competition with others, and clearly defined rules of play. Humans are naturally competitive creatures, whether we like to admit it or not! So, it probably comes as no surprise that gamification is becoming increasingly popular across many different areas of our lives including, education, retail and even in the workplace.

How quickly is the market for gamification growing?

Already, gamification is a multi-billion dollar market and, according to Statista, the market is set to grow to nearly 12 billion US dollars in 2021 from 4.91 billion US dollars in 2016.2 In 2017, on average companies using gamification found that client engagement increased by 47%, brand loyalty increased by 22% and brand awareness increased by 15%.3 It is clear to see that so far, the results are certainly worth reaping!

Given the positive statistics surrounding gamification, which have accumulated to date, it can certainly be a great component in a marketing strategy. To increase customer loyalty, retailers are revolutionising their loyalty schemes to make them more interactive and engaging for consumers. Rather than simply collecting points and receiving vouchers in the post, consumers are being encouraged to win their rewards through using apps, social media platforms or instore experiences.

The lingerie company, Victoria’s Secret has grasped this concept with their Pink Nation app and reward customers with instant discounts, previews of new products, and for continued purchases, vouchers for future visits to the store or website.4 According to Giga, it has been found that generally customer activity online grows by an average of 68% and social sharing jumps by 22%.5 Through the use of gamification, companies can bolster their social media following and popularity. From a company’s point of view, online apps or offline games are also a great opportunity to gather customer information for market research and measuring customer loyalty.

Is gamification an online concept?

Gamification is not just an online phenomenon; it’s everywhere in brick and mortar stores, shopping centres, exhibitions and business scenarios too. You may find that when out shopping, you are prompted to rate your visit to a particular retailer or a product using the store’s app. If you’re lucky, you will then be rewarded with an offer such as a discount code or free purchase from the store. Alternatively, point of sale displays can be used as part of a gamification strategy. In spring 2017, Ted Baker used interactive window displays in their flagship Regent Street store in London to coincide with their ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’ gamification site. Parts of the shop’s window were interactive, and when touched, a photo was taken of the viewer as if they were inside the display.6

Inside the store, the theme continued and consumers could access the website on interactive platforms, choosing items to buy from the device, as seen styled on the superficial family. Not only was Ted’s use of gamification versatile, being available online and instore, but it was clever in its approach; using gamification and digital technologies for enticing customers into the traditional retail environment.

Can gamification be used outside of retail? Will business prospects take my brand seriously?

Retail is certainly not the only sector that benefits from the use of gamification. It is also a great marketing tactic for companies operating in business to business (B2B) markets. At exhibitions of any size, it is always challenging to elevate your stand from the crowd and encourage prospects to speak with you. Gamification is a great way to revolutionise your presence at exhibitions or other events you are attending.

How are digital signage solutions working in harmony with gamification?

Wherever you are using gamification, consider incorporating innovative and interactive digital screens to promote offers, show prizes and assist in collection of contact details at the event. To make a competition even more compelling, use a live leaderboard to showcase people’s efforts and get everyone into the competitive spirit, whilst encouraging them to share their experience live on a social media wall. Cimian designs and produces such digital signage solutions which operate in real time to ensure your competition is exhilarating. Not only does this bring some fun to a customer experience or business event, it will make your brand memorable, provide an opportunity to get prospects’ details and help with any conversation ice breakers!

Cimian has proven the success of gamification strategies encompassing digital signage solutions, with experience of working alongside leading brands including AXA and Cloud Technology Partners (part of HP) across the UK and abroad. We can provide you with all the resources you need to make your brand memorable through innovative digital signage solutions. Our tailormade solutions include your branding and colour scheme on high quality digital screens as well as bespoke branded wraps to house the equipment.

To find out how Cimian can help you reap the rewards of a perfect gamification and digital signage combination, fully incorporated into your marketing strategy, contact us here

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