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  • Muhammad Affan

Flexible Digital Signage Solutions to Boost any Event

No matter what type of event you are holding, it is likely that hours of meticulous groundwork has been spent in preparation for the big day; a small wedding, a local business conference or national exhibition – you need to ensure success. Significant financial commitments often need to be recovered during the course of the event just to balance the books, let alone resulting in a profit. Most in the business understand just how unpredictable events are and the potential for the unexpected to wreak mayhem. Event organisers, venues and end clients frequently tell us their arrangements must ensure their event:

  • Fulfils its objectives – educating, entertaining, generating income and more

  • Provides enjoyment for guests

  • Lives up to, or exceeds, visitor expectations leading to repeatability and more business

  • Provides a good return on investment

  • Helps to generate new clients and more business

In our recent blogs we have already touched on many of the applications for digital signage in the hospitality and exhibition sectors, but it goes without saying that digital displays can be used at almost any event with multiple guests. Implementing digital signage for your event should never be seen as an additional cost to the bottom line. At Cimian we firmly believe in the boost digital displays can provide in helping to ensure the success of an event by delivering better customer experiences and maximising return on investment. Here are just a few of the ways in which digital signage solutions can assist:

Navigation – Enable guests to move around your event with ease whilst at the same time reducing staff overheads. Make updates in real time to show changes of location.

Gala, conference, wedding and event seating plans – Keep your event running smoothly with pre-arranged seating plans for dinners and conferences. Reduce printing costs and avoid unnecessary confusion, while your team focuses on serving food and making guests comfortable.

Sponsorship – Add value to your event sponsorship packages by providing clients with professional spaces to display their brand and project their message.

Social media walls– Interact and engage with your audience, and even the outside world, by using live social media walls throughout your event.

Live leaderboards and scoreboards – Add some fun to your event with a competition, using bespoke, branded live leaderboards to add excitement.

Menus – Display menus, special offers and catering information throughout your event, making changes to the line up as and when required.

Add professionalism and enhance your brand – Co-ordinate all of your displays by adding your logo and colour scheme providing a highly professional feel for attendees.

All of these advantages and more can be achieved through our simple digital signage and content management packages. Not only that, our solutions are totally flexible and built around you. For example, our content creation and screen hire solutions for event management companies and venues come with no upfront cost and can be utilised on a case by case basis. Meanwhile, for those businesses that have a regular requirement, permanent installations or long-term hire may be more appropriate. Whatever your preferred choice, we have bronze, silver and gold content management packages which enable you to choose the level of involvement that is right for your event. This ranges from onsite maintenance or full remote support to a more basic set up package which can be managed by the user throughout the event.

To discuss your requirements for digital event signage in more detail, please click here or call 01223 581 272.


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