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  • Muhammad Affan

Exciting Trends in Digital Signage – Don’t let Your Business Miss out!

According to Grandview Research, the global market for digital signage is projected to increase in value from USD 16,044.1 million in 2016 to 31,714.1 million by 20251 – more than doubling in size in less than 10 years. Behind this anticipated growth is a plethora of exciting changes, technologies and shifts in consumer behaviour. Bespoke digital signage provides new opportunities for businesses across sectors from retail, hospitality, transportation, corporate and a host of others to engage with customers and other stakeholders.

If your business is new to digital signage, do not get left behind! Take a look at some of the latest trends within the industry and see how your organisation could benefit by making digital signage a part of your communications strategy.

Screen Definition and Technology

Digital signage hardware has been improving rapidly and can be supplied in a wide spectrum of sizes for indoor and outdoor use. Coupled with LED and OLED technology that can offer breath-taking, fast moving and vibrant images, digital screens are capturing the imagination of audiences across the globe from shop windows and corporate reception areas, to billboards and external building coverage. Compare a static printed sign with the professionalism and dynamism of powerful moving imagery, video, social walls and slick content – the advantages of going digital in many applications are clear to see.


Digital signage is providing opportunities to create two-way interaction and tailored experiences – no longer are screens seen as a one-way street for advertisers to broadcast their message on mass. Display systems can allow users to pre-schedule a programme of content to run at different times of the day or to log in and adjust what is shown to the audience whenever they need to.

Despite the ability to constantly update and tailor screen content, full interactivity is much more than feeding relevant content to a captive audience. Digital signs can be used in gamification and other initiatives to promote interaction with competitions, exhibition stands and more – consider scoreboards and live leaderboards as an example. Touch screens can be used to enhance interaction with users and capture important data with the necessary permissions. Meanwhile large-scale event signage often allows participants to interact with screen displays via SMS or social media.


Millennials are the fastest growing consumer sector and now entering the employment market. They have a tendency to dislike traditional forms of direct marketing, looking instead for richer forms of content to engage with. Stories and influential information are required to win their support and brand loyalty as opposed to more blatant forms of advertising. Digital signage naturally lends itself well to the display of rich content, and coupled with the latest technologies, provides scope for plenty of user interaction.

New Advances set to Enter the Mainstream

Consider future developments currently on the horizon that may influence your digital signage strategy in the longer term. Planning and budgeting now, will ensure you can take full advantage of the latest technologies once proven and affordable. In the fast-moving world of digital signage, future advances may include fully responsive screens in widespread use: Influenced by their own sensors they adapt the content they show to their surroundings. On a hot day a screen might advertise cool drinks at the local café or perhaps a special offer at the local swimming pool. No human interaction is required to time the post, the screen will have enough intelligence to choose which ads to run at the optimal time. It is anticipated that eventually smart screens will be able to collate and analyse vast streams of available data from those around them in order to create an optimal experience for passers-by.

Cimian Ltd is a digital signage company based in Cambridge and at the forefront of digital display implementation and content development. In addition to installation or hire of digital signage and display software solutions, we are able to create and manage entire content programmes from design to implementation, delivered onsite or via a remote connection. There is no need to tie up precious internal resources to keep users of your system entertained! For a free initial consultation or to talk through some initial ideas, please contact us on 01223 581 272 or email



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