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  • Muhammad Affan

Digital Signage – Essential Uses for the Hospitality Sector

Digital signage has become increasingly prominent within the hospitality sector over the last few years, particularly among the major hotel chains. With customers becoming more comfortable with screens and choosing to engage with digital signage over and above other forms of advertising and information gathering, it’s no surprise this trend continues to grow. Smaller hotels, conference venues, pubs and restaurants are realising the excellent return on investment and plethora of applications that can be achieved using digital signage, whilst the major chains continue to roll out additional signs in more prominent locations.

At Cimian we provide digital signage solutions for the hospitality industry that create positive customer perceptions, drive engagement and increase business. Our scalable digital signage hardware, software and content creation solutions enable hospitality clients of all sizes to reap the benefits of digital signage with minimal upfront cost and flexible service delivery. Sounds great? But if you are operating in the hospitality industry and new to digital signage or trying to update an old system to the latest technology, where do you start? In our latest blog we look at some of the key uses of digital signage, which is becoming almost essential for the modern hotelier and venue operator, and how your business can benefit too.

Help your clients to navigate your hotel or conference venue by letting them know what is going on, where and when. Create a positive welcome in the first 15 minutes as guests arrive, during what is seen by many hotels, as the most crucial part of the stay to make a lasting impression.1 Reduce staffing costs through sign posting to ease navigation and update information in real time. Add your company logo or subtle advertising to enhance the corporate effect.

Help guests to navigate your building where multiple events and conferences are happening simultaneously. Update information regarding events and speaker timetables in real time ensuring that information remains current and avoids confusion. These timetables are a great way to personalise an event for your client by using their own colour scheme and branding, or allowing event sponsors to advertise providing an additional stream of revenue.

Promotional Screens

A modern audience loves to engage with social media and video. Digital signage is the ideal way to bring this right to them. Wow guests with stunning creatives and video to promote your brand, news, facilities and special offers in prominent places throughout your venue.

Information Displays

Sometimes you need to communicate important messages or information to guests. As well as looking pleasing to the eye, digital signage solutions can be regularly updated and intrigue visitors in areas such as reception, waiting, eating or lounging areas. They are ideal for displaying weather forecasts, details of local attractions, hotel events, restaurant or partner offers, and in appropriate settings, a live newsfeed.

Digital Menu Displays

If your hotel has a buffet style restaurant or a menu that varies daily, digital displays are the perfect way to display the selection of foods on offer in a hygienic and appealing format. Digital displays also enable hotels, pubs and restaurants to quickly adapt their menu based on availability of certain dishes, make updates to ingredients lists, allergy information or pricing and advertise daily specials or offers.

Many hospitality sector businesses are increasingly active on social media in order to generate exposure and increase bookings, keep existing customers up to date with new events and special offers, and to manage their reputation. Digital signage featuring social media walls made up of streams from your social media accounts will maximise the investment in your online presence and provide another outlet for your content. Social media walls are fully customisable enabling editing out of unwanted posts and containing a profanity filter. In addition, you can display positive reviews and ratings to guests from sites such as Trip Advisor.

The potential for digital signage within the hospitality sector is enormous and many opportunities exist for savvy companies to capitalise without a great deal of capital expenditure. The friendly team at Cimian can help to create the most appropriate package of hardware, software and mostly importantly content development for your business. Contact us today for a free initial, no obligation consultation here.


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