Improve communication with your clients, visitors and staff

Our permanent installations align with your brand to welcome visitors, promote products and deliver consistent messaging across multiple locations


Hotel Conference Room Directories

Our Hotel Conference Room directory directs visitors to their meeting room.

 Branded for your hotel

 Updated in real-time

 Software only solution

 Bookings disappear once complete

 Linked to Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar

 Saves valuable time printing

A great replacement for the old fashioned letterboard!

Social Walls


Social walls are perfect for a company reception or for internal staff communication.

Fresh relevant content, visitors see your latest news!!

  Reflect corporate branding, identity & values

 Show latest content from your approved social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram)


 Share announcements with staff

Encourage online engagement

Create the right ‘first impression’, allow your brand values to shine

Our fully customised social walls are the ideal solution for anyone looking to maximise the benefits of digital technology to increase brand awareness and engagement

Company Promotion


Need more information?


 Promote the latest company news to your visitors

 Advertise latest products

 Corporate branding package

 Schedule promotional material

 Consistent messaging across multiple locations